Trebax AB

Trebax AB has extensive experience in high-frequency radio, telecommunications and data communications. The company has been around since 1994 and has over the years been a subsidiary of two listed companies, the Swedish Viking Telecom AB and the Latvian SAF Tehnika A/S. The company is since November 2008 an independent consultancy company, owned by its management and employees.


Role in the project

Trebax will contribute in the specification of the communication demonstrator and the  development the modem for high data rates. The major work will to develop a way to interface available high speed data instruments, to the transceiver. An investigation will show feasible methods to modulate and demodulate the data signal, based on the transceiver’s predicted performance.





Lars Granbom
+46 31 74 84 181

Mats Alexanderson
+46 31 74 84 187

Robert Hedström
+46 31 74 84 192

Key people involved in the project

Lars Granbom, MScEE. Managing Director and have a very long experience from the microwave backhaul industry. Have been working with microwave radio-link products and radar systems from a large number of companies, among them Ericsson, SAAB Electronic Defence etc.


Mats Alexanderson, MScEE. Specialist in microwave engineering, with 19 years of engineering experience from the telecom business. Mats has experience from complex design projects with multi-dimensional requirements. He is very familiar with research work and theoretical analysis.


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