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Sivers IMA AB is a Swedish developer, manufacturer, and supplier of microwave products including mm-wave radio front-ends for telecom applications, FMCW RADAR front-ends and wideband voltage controlled oscillators. Wholly owned by Sivers IMA Holding AB, a publicly traded company on the NGM Nordic-MTF, it has been active since 1951. Turnover in 2010 was 2.5 M€, with 19 employees, of which 8 work within R&D. Approximately 95% of production is exported.


Erik Öjefors
Sivers IMA AB,
P.O. Box 1274, Torshamnsgatan 9,
S-164 29 Kista, SWEDEN
Phone: +46 8 703 68 00

Siversima building

Siversima building

Role in the project

Sivers IMA will help specify communications transceiver hardware and contribute to the development of millimetre wave circuits and assemblies. More specifically, the following tasks will be performed: design of select mm-wave circuit building blocks; development of packaging technology for silicon mm-wave circuits; integration, packaging and assembly of communications systems operating at 100 Gbps; and packaging, integration and assembly of 3D imaging system based on THz technology.


Key people involved in the project

Christer Stoij (CTO, MSc. in EE, Chalmer Univ. of Tech., 1981) joined Sivers IMA in 2000. Previously, he founded several successful companies in the microwave industry. He continues to actively work in research and design, with a strong interest in passive networks and electromagnetic.


Erik Öjefors (Senior RF Engineer, PhD in Microwave Technology, Uppsala University, 2006) worked at the University of Siegen in 2007 and at the University of Wuppertal from 2008-2011 researching mm-wave SiGe and THz CMOS circuits. He has received IEEE, EuMIC and EuMC awards for his work.




Recent publications / patents

  • Christer Stoij, “Antennas, the mmWave Advantage,” Microwave Journal, Aug. 2012.

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