Rheinisch-Westfaelische Technische Hochschule Aachen

RWTH Aachen University is one of the biggest universities for engineering in Germany with over 35.000 students enrolled. The faculty of electrical engineering with over 3500 students, 446 scientific staff and 31 professors. The research topic of the chair of electromagnetic theory is device simulation of various types of semiconductors and devices: silicon power devices, RF transistors (SiGe and III-V), graphene devices, organic semiconductors, RRAM etc. 


Prof. Dr. Christoph Jungemann
Institut fuer Theoretische Elektrotechnik
RWTH Aachen University
52056 Aachen

Role/activity of organisation in the project

The THz SiGe HBTs, which are under development in DotSeven, are nanoscale devices, in which the transport is quasi-ballistic. This requires advanced physics-based simulation models for electron and phonon transport, which are developed by our group. The resultant models are on the one hand used to optimize directly the profiles of the SiGe HBTs and on the other hand to assess the accuracy of the simpler but much faster models used for design. Not only transport but also degradation of devices is investigated.


Key people involved in the project

Prof. Dr. Christoph Jungemann holds the chair of electromagnetic theory at the RWTH Aachen University since 2011. Before he was with the Bundeswehr University, TU Braunschweig, Stanford University, University of Bremen and Fujitsu Japan. His research is on numerical devices simulation including transport and noise.  



Recent publications / patents

  • Sung-Min Hong, Anh-Tuan Pham, Christoph Jungemann: "Deterministic Solvers for the Boltzmann Transport Equation", ISBN 978-3-7091-0777-5, Springer Verlag Wien/New York, 2011

  • Jungemann, C., Pham, A.-T., Hong, S.-M., Meinerzhagen, B.: "Deterministic Simulation of 3D and Quasi-2D Electron and Hole Systems in SiGe Devices", European Solid-State Device Research Conference (ESSDERC), 2012, Proceedings of the, pp. 293-296, 17-21 Sep. 2012

  • Hong, S.-M., Matz, G., Jungemann, C.: "A Deterministic Boltzmann Equation Solver Based on a Higher-Order Spherical Harmonics Expansion with Full-Band Effects", Transactions on Electron Devices, 2010

  • T. V. Dinh, S.-M. Hong, C. Jungemann: "Improving the high-frequency performance of SiGe HBTs by a global additional uniaxial stress", Solid-State Electronics, Volume 60, Issue 1, Pages 58-64, June 2011

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