Ayming carries out operational consultancy activities (total staff 1100), particularly as a support to the management of innovation activities. The Innovation Department of Ayming – 80 consultants (engineers, PhD‟s…) - has been assisting industrial and public research organizations in Europe for twelve years through EC Framework Programs and related procedures.


Role in the project

Ayming will be in charge the administrative and financial management in close cooperation with the Coordinator and the operational project managers, and will ensure overall DOTSEVEN management. Ayming will handle the follow-up of the resources, costs and deliverables as well as contractual matters, the animation of an internal web-site, and the reporting toward the E.C. Moreover Ayming, certified ISO-9001-v2000, will contribute to animate and maintain a high Quality Assurance scheme to the project and to the management structure in order to fulfill EC contractual requirements.


Key people involved in the project

Julie Chupin is graduated in Master in Management and Business Administration. She has a solid experience in the missions related to the coordination of FP6 and FP7 European projects for companies of different size and in several technological domains. Her experience allowed her to assure the coordination of the global missions for large companies in France and other international countries. She is currently in charge of realizing missions of audit and consulting on the clients R&D activities: Consortium and European funds management.
Projects managed: BIOCOUP (www.biocoup.com), NANOTHER (www.nanother.eu), LEXNET (www.lexnet-project.eu)



Patricia Kudelka a Natural Science degree and European Management degree;  trilingual: French, English, and Polish, she has been working at Ayming since 2004 on more than 20 FP6 & FP7 projects setting-up, negotiation and coordination of ICT and NMP thematic’ large scale projects and is now coordinator of Supporting Action Project (SSA) in security field.
Projects managed: HYDROMEL (http://www.hydromel-project.eu/), INTELTEX (http://www.inteltex.eu), NANOSAFE2 (http://www.nanosafe.org),  PRoTeM (www.protem-fp6.org), GOSSAMER (http://www.fp7-gossamer.eu), Nanother (http://www.nanother.eu/), INSEC (http://www.insec-project.eu/en/), DOTFIVE (www.dotfive.eu)...


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